Friday, December 17, 2010

MegaMan Uses Canadian what?!

So this power washing company is using megaman as a mascot. Can they do that? Can I start my own plumbing company and have Mario on the side of my truck telling people how great my plumbing skills are?

And why Canadian water? what does that even mean? The only thing I can think of are people who are stupid enough to beleive that us Canadians have superior water for power washing. In fact our water is so clean up here we can literally drink our own piss 3 times before it becomes toxic.


rowen26 said...

Yeah, I saw a plumber around here who used Mario as his logo.

It makes me angry that people think they can do that.
I wish there was a place where you could report them. Or make citizen's arrest for copyright infringements.

Curtis said...

I think you can report them. You just send that photo to Nintendo and/or capcom and see what they do. Probably send a cease and desist order then they'll have some tape over the logo and name for a while until they come up with a new one. I know disney made some hospitals megaman-power-wash some snow white charters off a mural in a children's ward a while back.

Or they won't care... the idea of being hit with Canadian water might scare Capcom away.

Blake said...

Its almost like you speak from experience Mr Curtis. Did you try Megamanize something of yours?!