Sunday, December 12, 2010

The GamesThat I Cared About From the VGA's

So there were a bunch of trailers from the VGA's and honestly that's all most people care about. What games are coming out in the near future. Here are the ones that I am excited for. Sorry that they are all from Game trailers, but they seem to have the rights for them for a couple days before we see them everywhere.

Batman looks spectacular, but I don't want to see too much of it. My biggest letdown of the last game was knowing all the villians that were going to be in the game.

For the love of God don't let Resistance 3 contain the get 10,000 kills trophy.

I think my balls just shot up into my sternum. I cannot wait for the next Mortal Kombat.


rowen26 said...

Wow! The Arkham Asylum video looks AMAZING!

One game I will buy.