Friday, December 31, 2010

Assassin's Creed : Brotherhood - PS3

So, is this AC 3 or 2.5? Hmmmm .... in my opinion it's 2.5 because it picks up exactly where AC2 ended and keeps going with the same characters and storyline. Not really vital information, but satisfies my borderline OCD need to cathegorize everything. :P

Anyway, for the longest time I gave no attention to that game because I thought that it was ONLY multiplayer, which I don't play. But I was happily wrong and there is a hefty chunk of single-player action.

Apart from a few tweaks and additions, the game is moslty the same as AC2. So if you liked it, you'll be familiar going into AC:B. If not, you might as well skip it.

I did like it but the story was weak. It felt more like a series of events that just pop up suddenly and you deal with it.

Best part: doing a stealht double-kill from above. And yelling DEATH FROM ABOVE!!!! everytime never got old. :D Gathering assassin followers is fun as well, sending them to do your dirty business. I enjoyed them popping out at will out of unreachable spots. :D

The ending doesn't leave a doubt that an AC3 (or some other tagline) is at least planned. I hope it won't be too long!

So that's another game finished. :D and I have almost all the flags and treasure so I will likely revisit it to get all of those. The only trophies that I won't get are the multiplayer ones, which annoys me that they aren't separate.

I won't talk about the multiplayer, since I have no interest in it and will probably never even enter it. It's not my cup of tea.

And Happy New Year!