Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Winner IS????

Like me, playing in the Duke Nukem Beta really doesn't interest people, otherwise I think more people would have signed up for this. But for one lucky Jay who asked me the day I said I was going to put it on on Pacroid to giveaway,"Just give it too me"

Well here you go sir, Congrats on Duke Nukem Beta Code, and if I find out you somehow blocked all other entries with your superior computer skills and jedi mind tricks, I will have to send out the ravenous killer lady bugs on you.

Just send me your address and I will, what the hell am I saying. Just pop down stairs and I will give you the code.

Congrats to Beatfreaker-Portable Soldier-Jay-Computer Jedi


Jay MacEachern said...

Hahahaha, jedi mind tricks. Just guess some are not as excited as me to see the Duke again.