Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Secret Armory Of General Knoxx - DLC Borderlands - PS3

Boy do you ever get alot of content for this DLC, infact both the first and the 3rd DLC of Borderlands is great value. With the Secret Armory of General Knoxx we get a Highway DLC pack, so lots curving raised Highways to drive around in getting from one place to another. You get 2 new vehicles each with its stats, but it boils down to fast and agile to slow and powerful. The Monster truck can actually hold 4 people, so its great for 4 player co-op online.

The amount of missions for you to do in this DLC is impressive, I easily put in 25-30 hrs for this DLC alone and that is doing all the missions except one (I will come back to that one)Can you imagine that there are full priced games out there for $59.99 and clock in between 4-6 hrs and here we get a $9.99 DLC pack , all new locations, all new stories,Increased the level cap from 50 to 61, characters,enemies, weapons, gear,vehicles, trophies, etc and you get 20-30 hrs. AND ITS FUN!!! which is the most important part!

If you enjoy the story of Borderlands that you will like the stories from the DLC aswell, its amazing value for your money.

General Knoxx has to be my favorite character so far in the entire Borderlands Universe, hes funny as hell. He delivers lines with such nonchalant that I really do get a kick out of him every time I run into him. He's great!! I looked forward to pushing to story along just to hear what he had to say, Great Job with Knoxx.

This DLC world is really large aswell that each time a new area opened up I was "I can't believe there are still new places to go"

Its mind blowing amazing, I have never experienced such in dept DLC, they could have easily charged $19.99 and it would still be a good price.But I must say that as much as I am enjoying Borderlands, I want to start something new but I still have one more DLC to do and one mission in the Knoxx DLC pack. That mission is to kill Crawomax or something like that.I'm at level 45 and this Beast is at level 64, it literally kills me in one hit, so I have to level up some by doing the other DLC and then come back and give it a try.

Overall, this is a impressive collection for Borderlands. Although it has double the content of Zombie Island of Dr Ned and a larger world I still preferred the area of the first DLC, just due to a different feel. But both are great, MAd Moxxi can still shove it.