Tuesday, November 9, 2010

No More New Games For 2 Months

Since November rolled around a little thing snaps into mind, like a bear going to sleep for the winter, I too go into no buying new games mode.

Every since I was a little kid when November hit, my mom would say, "its too close to Christmas to get new games, so make a list of games you want for Christmas". So from Nov to Dec I didn't get any new games, I make a list and maybe get 1-2 games at Christmas.

This rule and the other one of "no getting a new game till you finish the one that you got" I have stuck with this tradition as a adult. I'm okay with it, Modern Warfare 2-Black Ops comes out today and I wouldn't mind giving it a try.But now until Christmas, I won't be getting any new games and that includes DLC. So I can use these 2 months to catch up on my backlog, good times.

But that also means comes Christmas I will have another boat load of games that I will have wanted to play. But I enjoy this time, the same as for the month of Dec when Egg Nog season kicks in. So for now I will use this time to finish Borderlands DLC, God of war 3, Uncharted 2. That should keep me busy until Christmas.

Here is my list of games that I would like to have for Christmas.

CastleVania-Lords of Shadow
Call of Duty-Black Ops
Transformers -War For Cybertron
Spiderman-Shattered Dimension.
Starwars -Force Unleashed 2
3 of those are Activision titles, so they would have to be second hand. I will probable end up with 2 of those titles listed above, which is good enough for me. So until then, I will enjoy my backlog.


Kelli said...

I wish i had your discipline when it comes to buying games, we are terrible. if new games came out back to back we would still buy them even if we didnt finish them. I'm trying to play final fantasy xiv, fallout new vegas, and mass effect one at the same time, and next week assassin's creed is comin out and yes i had my money saved up because i was dying for that game. oh and plus we just got call of duty but i haven't touched it yet.

btw i had my opinion on castlevania a while back, I was so wrong the game IS worth getting.

Blake said...

Yes, I really want castlevania too, but I got to finish God of War and I am really interested in the premise of Dante's Inferno.