Friday, November 12, 2010

My Aquarium - PSN

I gameshared this one from Ian(Rowan). It really made me go,"What the hell is this?? what do you do? whats it all about?"

In a nutshell, its a Sim game. A not very in depth Sim game at that, but for some reason, I find myself going back to it again and again. Checking on my virtual fish to see how everything is going.

Remember those boring Flight and Train Simulator games, the ones where its just all the controls of a plane or train and you have to monitor the controls over real time to the destination. The only really animated graphics were if you chose to look at the thing you were controlling from the outside at different angles, but beyond that there was really nothing else.

Well I would say that this game kinda falls into that category. Its like that, you start with different size tanks, fill them with stuff and put fish in them and feed them, THAT is it. They kept it really safe, where the potential is there to have so much more. There are little write ups on the fish, such as" difficult to breed, this fish is very territorial, aggressive, finicky eater" but none of these facts affect how your fish will behave in the tanks.

They could have made it really in depth for the player like certain fish couldn't be in the same tank with other fish, feed them different foods, the lighting. I mean they already have the basis in the game, its just that none of these factors affect the life in your tank. You can put fresh water fish in with saltwater fish, etc. The bigger fish will eat your smaller fish, so I guess that's something.

But none of your fish can die, so I guess the game over all is maybe to make you relax or geared towards kids. But wouldn't you want to teach kids that if you don't feed your fish/clean the tank/take care of them in general, they will die?

So beyond some music and tank decorations there's really not much to do once you make the tank. There are 52 fish to unlock in total and they are just randomly set to unlock after a certain amount of time passes. I guess if you are a fish person, then you may get more enjoyment out of the game that the average gamer.

For me, its a great little way to pass 10 min, check on my fish. Rearrange some stuff, feed them, did any of them breed, did I get any new fish and then turn the game off. Its exactly that, nothing more, nothing less.