Thursday, November 4, 2010

First Impressions On Kinect Are In!

So the reviews on the Xbox Kinect were released today by some sites. Will it still sell like hotcakes regardless of reviews? Of course it will? Will there be alot of baffled people out there trying to get it to work properly? Yep.

I have no problem with what the Kinect is trying to do with gaming, but being met with a argument today with,"at least Microsoft is trying something new as compared to the Move -Wii" then you only have to look back to the PS2 and the Eye when it came out with the same type of gameplay. So much so that it was so broken they had to add a controller to get it to work properly. So is Microsoft being original here? Of course not, they took an existing broken idea and tried to fix it, which is good on them. Take a broken idea and make it work and we as gamers will benefit from it.

Here is my problem, don't give me a piece of hardware and tell me its the bee's knee's. The argument that its the first piece of tech like it is both false and tiresome. How many times do we have to swallow this shit from Microsoft? They released the Xbox early with over 50% dieing in the first 6 months, they release Kinect that has fundamental gaming flaws. And with both of these hardware flaws people still say,"Its only the first ones, you have to expect problems"

Does Microsoft own your balls in a jar somewhere that you can take broken, flawed hardware and have an excuse for it? Do you accept this kind of flawed merchandising with your TV's, Phones,etc. Do these things not work on a regular basis so much so that we just say,"Oh its new". Can't we expect and demand that the products we buy will work properly? Is that asking too much as a consumer?or can you man up and say."I'm not taking this shit no more, I refuse to buy a inferior product, go back to the lab and don't come back out till you have made a product that works properly!!"(I"m looking at you Nintendo Powerglove)

Kinect will trap alot of ill informed people out there and for me that is just bad consumer relations. Its sad that alot of people are going to get gipped in the end.And saying that maybe a update later on will fix some bugs, isn't good enough. Cause that what I really want with things I buy, I can't wait to get this home and play it properly a couple months from now. Like the PS3 Move its still a casual gamer gimmick where the Move is a more responsive piece of hardware and the Wii has a better selection of Software and the Xbox has a innovative piece of Hardware.

I can probable say I won't be getting any of these.(although I do like the Wii)

Here are some the things that the game sites are saying.


For all the talk of revolutionizing the Xbox 360 experience and making gaming more natural/ accessible, it's bordering on absurd how broken Kinect is when it comes to something as simple as working in your home. I find the technology itself fascinating, but the fact that I know a lot of people who simply won't get Kinect to work in their rooms beyond troubling. Given that Microsoft conducted a beta program with actual consumers, this issue is doubly surprising, but it could just be that Kinect just works that way (or doesn't, given your room) and there's no way short of redesigning the sensor to fix it.


Direct sunlight on your body kills Kinect. Sunshine doesn’t make the controller slightly less accurate — it completely obliterates the sensor’s ability to see you. I was rocking out to Lady Gaga in Harmonix’s excellent Kinect launch title Dance Central , but as soon as the sun streamed in through my west-facing windows that afternoon, the game couldn’t read my poker face — or my poker arms or poker legs, for that matter.

Kinect also has some pretty serious space requirements. I am a city dweller with a studio apartment, and even though I have a good amount of distance between me and my television, I barely have enough room to play some games.

The voice commands only work for a small set of features, and the single most useful and important voice command any Xbox 360 owner will need doesn’t exist: “Xbox, off.”


It was ironic that in searching for an electric socket in which to plug my Kinect a week ago, I had to unplug my Wii. I now need to find a second socket. Kinect doesn't replace the Wii any more than it does an Xbox controller. It's not even a sure thing as a games platform, not until it has its first great game. But it doesn't have to be. If Kinect becomes nothing more than a replacement for the TV remote, it'll prove to be a winner. For its launch price, though, it needs to be more. If Microsoft keeps supporting it, and if its flaws can be patched and improved through software, Kinect can be revolutionary


I was definitely more impressed by the Kinect hardware (and the software) than I imagined I would be. But I’m not ready to champion Kinect as the death knell for controller-based gaming, and I’m not sure I ever will be. When it comes to the games themselves, I’m a bit concerned that the lack of a physical controller will really limit the type of gaming experiences we’ll see. (Will we get any games that aren’t on rails?)


The comparison everyone wants to make -- including Microsoft and Sony themselves -- is how Kinect stacks up against the Move. By the numbers, picking up Move starter bundle and an extra controller is the same price, and in that setup you also get a two-player experience. Move's Sports Champions is arguably a stronger bundled title compared to Kinect Adventures. But really, we feel like both systems -- along with Nintendo and the Wii -- are just taking a different approach to the same issue. Where does interaction go next? How do you bring it to the living room? Back to the Kinect, though: we think there's some fighting spirit inside that glossy shell, but it's definitely got a lot of growing up to do first.