Monday, October 18, 2010

My 16th Platinum - Starwars Clonewars : Republic Hereos

Overall I didn't like this game, but getting the regular trophies I was able to do on my first play through. But the game wasn't good enough to go through again to get the rest so I just gave up on it.

That is until Rowan(Ian) asked how many do you have left to get befor you get the platinum and I said "4" . So Ian offered to help get the last 4 which were all co-op related, finish the game with another player and with certain characters. We did it using speed runs and try and make it through a level in under 5 min.

If the controls weren't so screwy it be easy, but they are so unrefined that it makes it very annoying in places. I'm not proud of this platinum, the game is shitty and there was no sense of accomplishment, but I thank Ian for offering his help all the same. I've mailed youe portion of the platinum to you.


rowen26 said...

Mmmmm! Platinum Pie!

I just went through the game never knowing what was going on.
It felt like going through a stress dream. But at least it was short!