Friday, October 29, 2010

Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot - DLC Borderlands - PS3

This is the 2nd piece of DLC that came out for borderlands and it SUCKS!! What makes Borderlands fun and entertaining, complete with grinding, is the ability to level up your character, to collect loot and increase the proficiency of your weapons. This DLC pack strips all that away and just makes this a standard shooter without even a story to keep you going, "what happens next?"

You start out in the Underdome, which is obvious s homage to Mad Max Thunderdome which could have had some great story pokes and could have been entertaining, much like the last DLC.

Instead, there is no story. The first mission you get is "To Prove Yourself". So you have to fight 3 different arenas, each arena has 5 rounds with 5 waves in each round. So that's 25 waves for each 3 arenas for a total of 75 waves. You think this might be OK, but everything that made borderlands enjoyable they took out.

You get NO XP for killing enemies, your weapon proficiencies does not increase and enemies don't drop loot. Its just standard wave after wave after wave after wave of shooting enemies. The same enemies over and over again. Think of any game where your biggest complaint was killing things in the game got boring, a group of enemies enter,you kill them and repeat for 9 hrs. THAT is the premise of this DLC pack. Its boring as hell, if I was able to get XP and level up my weapons then maybe it be OK.

If that's not bad enough, after you do the 75 waves of the first 3 arena's. They then give you 3 more HARDER arenas, each with 20 rounds, 100 waves each for a total of 300 waves. It takes about an hr to do 5 rounds/25waves. I made the mistake of being at wave 45 and dieing and thinking,"I've had enough of this, I'm quitting. It doesn't say anything about warning if I quit I will start I should be fine and pick up from where I left off"

NOPE, I had to start from Round 1, wave 1 when I started again. So if you enter a arena, you better have 4-5 hrs straight that you can blow on this crap. In total you are looking at 12-14 hrs in completing this droning task of shooting wave after wave of enemies.

Its boring, dull, you can't level up from enemies, you don't get loot, adding buddies to your game only makes the game ramp up the difficulty ten fold, it just takes away everything that was fun and gives you the bare bones.

WHO THE HELL THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA!! IS A MORON!! A F'ING MORON!!!! This is NOT fun, I don't recommend this DLC to anybody, if they left if off the game of the year edition, then its no loss. Lets play Mario, but instead of great gameplay, you get one level that you go from end to end jumping on the same mushrooms and turtles for 12 hrs. I'm speechless of how stupid this DLC is. STAY AWAY from this. I understand why they put a woman with big boobs on the cover. Its the only way to get people interested. BOOOOO!!

I did enjoy the music and the arena sounds, people shouting your name and loud roars from the crowd when head shots and group kills were cool. But hearing the same things shouted again and again, gets old fast.


Charles said...

Still can't bring myself to picking up Borderlands. Maybe the GOTY edition with all of the DLC included will convince me.

Blake said...

Making my way through the DLC now, must say I was pretty happy with my decision to buy this over Medal of Honor.