Monday, October 25, 2010

BorderLands: Game of the Year Edition - PS3

I was really interested in playing this game when it first came out but like all the games I play there just wasn't any time to get to it. When the game of the year edition came out with all the DLC then I had to get it this time around.

I've played this game once before with a friend(Matt) where we played co-op, Then played the single player when I got the game for myself and had two different experiences. Not having played the game and jumping right into Co-op I did enjoy the game to a point then it just seemed repetitive and at some point it got really hard, dieing every 5 min.

After having purchased it, I jumped into the single player campaign and thought it would be similar but felt that it was different. I enjoyed it more, perhaps because it was at my own poke around pace ,I really don't know. But I really really enjoyed the single player portion.

You get 4 classes to choose from each with its own skill tree and weapon preferences. But they can all use any weapon you want. Its just that the items you fund that buffer your character will usually buffer that characters class weapon of choice.The Hunter with Sniper Rifle, Phasewalker with SMG, Soldier with Rifle and Brick who likes to punch stuff. (In a game where guns are king a guy who punches does stand out.)

I love the style of the game with a great gritty cell shading. The game stands out as a FPS style but with a RPG core. You level up with a skill tree and gear to ever improve your character. So when it comes to killing enemies it is not STAT based to see if your bullets hit. Your FPS skills are needed to land the shots, but your skills affect what will happen when your bullets hit, elemental damage, stat effects, etc.

At times it feels like a Diablo game turned into a FPS/RPG which is fine by me. There is a lot of loot and upgrades for gear and weapons are everywhere which can probable slow down the pace of the game for some FPShooters when you are stopping after every encounter to check all the loot you just picked up. But this kind of thing is standard for dungeon hunter players.

I think its a great mix of FPS and RPG. Some say its akin to a MMO online, but having never played a MMO I can't compare.

The game clocks in at 50-60 hrs with each DLC pack adding another 8-12 hrs of gameplay. The value in this game is fantastic. I had a great time playing it and jumped online with my brother a couple of times to get a online feel for it. It was pretty fun but online I didn't feel the need to item hunt but rather move on to the next quest.

I finished the single player campaign and now its off to play the DLC and after that some online co-op. This game is great and if you are looking to play it all then be prepared to put in 80-100 hrs to finish it all, DLC included. I finished the game and I couldn't wait to start the DLC packs, unlike fallout 3 where I didn't want to touch the DLC, I had my fill.

If you never played the game, then the game of the year edition is to one to get.