Monday, September 20, 2010

Sony Responds to Lawsuit

Well Sony as finally responded to the being sued for removing Linux from its operating system. You can click here to read the details, but the jist of it is this. Owners of the PS3 are provided with license for the software we use and not ownership. That they can change what the software is and how it works with any update they see fit for the system.

This reminds me of how Wii Virtual games, we are told that we are buying licenses to play the game, not the actual game. Which is fine, just to link it to ONE and only ONE system.

I look forward to seeing how this all turns out, especially with comments about the people suing, one guy didn't use Linux for almost 2 years, another talking on forums about not even knowing the PS3 had another OS. Of course there are going to be morons who will try take advantage of this and yes there are people( as small number they may be) who do legitimately us the Linux.


Big D said...

As much as I doubt this will actually go anywhere, I really hope it does. If only because I really HATE EULAs and the ridiculous bullcrap they bring.

I understand companies wanting to protect their IP, but I really hate being told what I can and can't do with the hardware I bought.

It's like if I bought a $400 toaster to make some delicious toast. Then one day I plug it into the wall and the company changes it so my toaster only toasts bagels now. But I don't want bagels I want my toast you fucking assholes!!

Blake said...

yeah, mine doesn't even do toast anymore. This morning I had to have plums!!