Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rumoured Games Coming to HD.

Since the success of the God of War being remade for HD we are hearing alot of buzz for other games being redone and handled in the same way. The price and extras and having it all look pretty is a great bundle for any gamer. Here is the list and what I know so far.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy
It will contain the first 3 Mortal Kombat games, all redone to look pretty in HD but no extras known yet. The price point of $39.99 me no likey. I have all 3 of these on the PC and I rarely go back to play them. I have no interest of having them on HD.

Prince of Persia Trilogy
I don't know which one they are going to start with. The old commodore game(i don't think so) or the SNES to the PS1? Too little is know currently, but a trilogy does sound fun. Again I already played all the PS2 version so having them in HD doesn't interest me, much like the God of War Collection.

Splinter Cell Trilogy
I never played any of the Splinter cell games. So fans of the series will be pretty happy, for everyone else, its up to you if you are jumping on the HD remake train. I think I will pass on this aswell.

Metal Gear Solid Trilogy
This is rumored to maybe come out in individual parts but doubt it. I only every played the first MGS and haven't touched any other. I know they are good games, they just don't interest me. So again, another one I will probable pass if it comes to HD, but who knows.

Sly Cooper Trilogy
I will probable get this one. I never played any of the series, but I do like the style and type of game that it is.

So there you have the list so far, which ones will get made and which ones are wind blowing up your bum!