Thursday, September 9, 2010

Penny Arcade Adventures on the Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode 1 - PSN

As with the last 2 gaming post, I am finally going through all my DLC and playing them. They've been piling up for some time now and I have to get them outta the way. I want to feel caught up in my gaming, still a few more to go.

I've had this game sitting in my backlog now for quite some time and thanks to Ian who brought it to my attention that this game was done by the same people who did Deathspank, well Good on you guys, well done. Once that said, you can really see the similarities and there is all the fun art style that I really like.

I have to say that I do not read Penny Arcade and am only familiar with the name and that they are a strip comic that is popular in the gaming community. So when the game starts up and I am met with Robots called the Fuckbots that hump and piss on you to do damage and then the dialogue turns to "Fuck you", I was a little taken back. Not because of vulgarity, I don't mind that. I just wasn't expecting it, its like watching a Carebear episode and all of a sudden Tender Heart says to Cheer Bear, " Get your furry ass over here double time and shoot some fucking love from your gut", kinda makes you spit your drink, just because I wasn't ready for it.

Its one of those games that throwing in the "F" word every now and then is really not needed, but perhaps that's my disconnect to what the comic is and fans come to expect. I just think it was misused here, it didn't add anything nor did it take anything away. Bah, my point being, I was surprised by it, but it didn't bother me, just seemed out of place.

The game play itself it your standard turn based RPG and battling has you managing your inventory and battle moves in real time. So nothing stops for you when you open up a menu, you have to watch the enemy when they attack so you can either dodge or block or counter attack in real time by taping the R1 or L1. So you have to pay attention to the top of the screen and the bottom. Which can take a little time to get used if you arn't a RPG player. Don't think you won't bother blocking or counter attacking and just pummel them and become a game of attrition.

This won't work, you have to block, its just as common has walking. You will find yourself dieing alot and getting frustrated if you don't pay attention with the counter attacks and blocks. It adds a new layer of gameplay that all turn based RPG are used too.

Don't worry about grinding in this game, there is none. If you can't get past a certain enemy and you think you will just go back and grind up your stats. There is only a set number of enemies, so there is no going back. If you are having trouble defeating a group of enemies, you have to change your attack strategy. I guess they do this to keep things balanced and not having people creating really overpowered characters.

The writing and story is pretty funny in places, but like all RPG's there are times where I just skip all the dialogue because I am just not interested. If I miss something, the game keeps track of all the important stuff in a journal for me to do and places to go.

You get set number of items and can upgrade your weapons and it all comes together in a nice little package. I put in a little over 6 hrs in the game to finish it and that's me looking everywhere and trying to find everything. I am thinking that this game can probable be done in 2, but you do need items to help defeat enemies. Everything is pretty essential in this game, unlike some RPG that you have certain items that you never or rarely use. Every item in this game is the difference between winning and losing.

This is the first episode of 2 and although I didn't buy this game, I game shared with Ian. I didn't enjoy it enough to buy the second episode and continue the story. Its a alright game, I'm not saying it was bad in anyway, just not for me, it was enjoyable but not$14.99 enjoyable. Maybe $9.99 for sure. I know there is a deal on where you can buy them both at a reduced cost, so maybe if you are a fan of penny arcade then perhaps fans would enjoy it more than a nobody like me.


Kelli said...

From the same makers of Deathspank huh... hmmmm I think I will put this on my "games to try" list

Blake said...

I'm not sure if there is a demo or not. If not, then they are doing themselves a disservice by not having one.

Kelli said...

is this game online or on the ps3 network?

Blake said...

You can get this almost anywhere, PSN, Xbox Live, Steam, Gamersgate, impulse, greenhouse interactive.

I just then checked Steam, you can get it for $4.99. Well worth that price for sure!

Kelli said...

ok thx. and i also hate when the "f word" is used too much, it makes a game a little less enjoyable for me but i'll try it out anyways :)