Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Earthworm Jim HD - PSN

Finally got around to playing and finishing Earthworm Jim HD and boy, what trip back in memory lane that was. It is a fantastic little game and I had a blast playing through it all.

I played the demo a while ago and said to myself, I haveto get this game. Which I did and I haven't been happier. Being a fan of the original and having all this extra content and mulitplayer and all done in beautiful HD makes this game a must have for any fan of the series. Its downright awesome, I don't have enough good things to say about this game.

If they redid alot of the games back in the day and released them like this with all the extra content, they are must owns for any gamer. On my first playthrough I really farted around alot, in a level that could probable be finished in 3-4 min, it took me 20-25 min. I wanted to find everything and try and get to a area that I remember as a kid. How the hell did I get up there, I remember I did, so it must be somewhere around here.

But in the end, the game can beaten in little over an hr, which is kinda sad. This is the type of game that you really want to keep playing. Each level is very unique and the game play just keeps getting better with each level. But that's where the Extree bits come in, playing the new levels and playing with friends really adds a whole new game play element that is brand new to the series and really pushes the fun level up a notch.

The game is well worth the $10.00. I have played through the game once already and plan on doing it again, but this time on a speed run to see if you really can do it under 50 min like the game states.
Really happy with this purchase, the style, the gameplay, the look, the extra bits. A big thumbs up with bacon bits!!

Here is a video about the voices for earthworm jim cartoon which is hard on the ears.


YAGRS said...

Is this version easier than the original 16-bit releases? I remember them having a reputation as being rather difficult.

Blake said...

You know what, I was really surprised about how much easier it was. I too remember them being unforgivingly hard. But I did play this game alot when I was a kid, to the point that I could make it the level where you had to whip your friend over holes and platforms before I lost my first life.

There is a trophy in this game to beat this game without losing a life, its stupid hard, only for hardcore fans and people who like torture.

So I would have to say, No. I don't remembering it being this easy.

Kelli said...

I played this demo a few weeks back. I thought it was fun and had some humor to it. I never played the 16-bit version, but I do remember the cartoon, lol. This game definitely goes on my "to download" list