Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ultimate Spiderman- Really!?

So they finally release what the last Spiderman world will be and I must say that so far all 3 are pretty unique in their own way. But they did exactly what I said they would do way back in a post I did weeks ago.

I said that I hope they just don't do the Spiderman in the black symbiotic suit, we've all seen it in every Spiderman game and quite frankly getting boring has hell. So anything besides this ONE suit will be good.
What do they do,..yup,that's right! cop out and give us that damn black suit!! We've seen this suit a million times, why not mutated Spiderman, or Spidergirl, Scarlet Spider, IronSpider, X-world Spider, Zombie Spiderman. So many possibilites that they could have done that we haven't seen before and they go back to what we've seen again and again.

For something that went on as long has it did hyping it up again and again, this is a big disappointment. BOOOOO!!! I don't care if its a different setting, its no different than playing any other game and moving on to the next level of clown world. Well 1 out of 3 isn't bad, but this is the reason we haven't had a good Spiderman game in forever. People are afraid to take chances. But lets see what the game turns out to be.