Monday, July 12, 2010

Resident Evil 5 : Gold Edition- PS3

I wanted to get a Co-op game for some time now. One that I could sit down with a friend in the same room and have fun. Well, Resident Evil 5 is that specific game, it was made to be played with 2 players. Sure you have the option to play single player, but that's where the game falls apart. THIS GAME IS YOUR TRUE 2 PLAYER EXPERIENCE!!

Bur first lets get some burning thoughts outta the way.

If you had to pick 2 things that you fight in this game, what would they be? Zombies?? Umm..sure kinda, the RE5 have moved away from classic zombies has of late and end up shooting infected crazies. The other thing that you have to fight in this game are THE CONTROLS!!!!!

Good GoD!! Did the guys deciding how to set up the controls WANT to make people yell and scream!! You can't just dive in without the controls making you feel like you aren't mildly retarded. Granted!! after playing the game for some time, the controls do become more manageable, but it shouldn't be like this. It shouldn't feel like I am constantly fighting the controls, which this game does is spades and hearts and boxer briefs.

Even now that I have played the game through twice, I still find myself grabbing items when I want to punch or trying to turn a nozzle when I want to spin and run away. I don't remember RE4 being this hard to control, or has all the FPS spoiled me?

The other thing that just makes this game boggle the brain is your partners AI. Sheva is has helpful has Epileptic with a chainsaw. Sure shes a great help when she's pointed in the right direction, but try getting her to give you a grenade when a the time calls for it? Its not going to happen!!

She's like a walking extra suit case with the brain of Paris Hilton. Sure i'm glad shes here so I could stuff her with all this extra ammo, but for the love of God get off your ass and help me out over here!! She's particular useless when just finished a task and a new area opens up, but you want to go kill a final few beasties or collect a certain treasure. SHE WILL NOT MOVE!! or trade or do nothing that is even remotely helpful during this time. She is fixated like a dog with a bone about moving on.

So what do I do, I bring the baddies to her, hoping she will lend a hand. What does she say to me when I try to get ammo from her,"not now" or "Are you kidding". For the love of God, I'm not asking you for sex, I just want some God Damn bullets!!!

BUT, this is where the 2 player comes in. It is clear that this game is made to be played 2 player and nothing else. It is a great time with 2 players and I can attest to playing with Ian on HARD for one particular round. We played the DLC levels where one had us walking around the old mansion from the first RE with some great scare moments and then the more frantic run for you life with Josh and Jill from RE5. It was a great time, I don't know if it was fun or I just enjoyed Ian's frantic screams for his life.

Overall, this is a great game with some really broken parts. I did enjoy the gameplay and the story and it has ALOT of extra tidbits that can really keep you busy. The Gold Edition is well worth the $44.99, you get alot for your buck. And although those 2 things are annoying, its not a game killer.
I am still playing it, doing all the extra DLC and trophy hunting and am having a good time doing so. Its unfortunate that the controls are what offputs alot of people from this game. Everyone I talked too who played the demo really didn't like it at all and it does take some time to get used to the controls. But if you can tough it out for a bit, the game is well worth. MUCH BETTER than my original thoughts when I played the demo.

HAHAHA, lots of head blowems ups!


Big D said...

Did you beat the game yet?

Blake said...

oh yeah, twice. I"m just upgrading all my weapons and looking for treasure. It help if I had a map with a big X on it.

rowen26 said...

Every game benefits from my antics.

Big D said...

Ah ok I was going to see if you experienced the kick in the balls that is any fight involving Wesker.

Like the one where you just run away from him for like 5 minutes. Or where you have to punch the boulder into LAVA. He is a really cool villain but man he had some shitty boss fights!

Blake said...

oh yeah, with him dodging bullets at every encounter. Its just seemed kinda pointless to me to be even pointing a gun at him, then falling into the lava and a missile to the face. It got kinda ridiculous, that's for sure.