Monday, July 5, 2010

New Josh post

Well here I am.... posting something... anything... truth is I've been kinda broke lately so I really haven't been playing a lot of new games. I just completed Red Dead Redemption (100%) and I've been playing a lot of Battlefield... that's it.

I've also been behind on gaming news lately. E3 this year seemed painful and boring as both Sony and Microsoft showed off their Wii's and Nintendo just showed more of the same. Well not the 3DS that thing has me very curious. Other than that... shmeh

So... yep... still gaming, just not as much.

Here's a sweet pic for your hungry eyes!

ehhh?? ehhh?? it's Mario 3.... you know.... Mario.....3....

well that's all from me. I'll post something a lot more cool later.


Blake said...

They said you were dead, but I didn't believe them!!

But I'm back now and I too have nothing to write about. Give me time though.