Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Conversation with BlindBoy

So since game sharing has hit, I have been sent request for people to add me to game share. Which is usually followed by me deleting and blocking this person with no comment back to them, I treat it like junk mail/spam.

But last night, I get a request to add Blindboy followed by a comment,"please add me". Sure I'll add you, but like I do with all my request I like to know how you found me. Did you find my sign in name on the Internet, through some game community or friend of a friend? Even if it is just a random add, I don't mind doing that for some friendly online gaming with new gamers.

Which I was met with the response,"Whot to game share wit me?"

Normally I delete and Block and move on, not today sir....not today!!

So here is a transcript of our conversation. Picking up from his last comment above.

Darryl,"Are you just adding random people so you can ask them to game share with you?"

BlindBoy,"No, I was in the middle of a game and I couldn't answer you"

Darryl,"OK, that's cool. So where did you find my sign in info, I just like to know where people find me, on the web are you a friend of someone I know?"

BlindBoy,"So do you want to game share with me?"

Darryl,"What??......You want me to give you my personal sign in info and credit card info so you can download games that I paid 4?

BlindBoy,"Please game share with me"

Darryl," I don't even know you. How do I know that you wouldn't go into my account and mess with all my settings or max out my credit card buying all the games on the store. For all I know you are a crazy person"

BlindBoy,"I'm not like that, I wouldn't do that to anyone. See here is my sign in Info, Blindboy@yahoo.com password. XXXXXX"

Darryl," Don't do that!!! Don't go giving out your sign in info to strangers. What if I turned out to be asshole and went in and messed with your account?? You be screwed.

BlindBoy,"Please game share, I just want Fat Princess"

Darryl," I don't know how old you are, but giving out your personal sign in info to complete strangers is the stupidest thing that you can do.

BlindBoy, "I do it all the time, please game share with me"

Darryl,"Game share is meant for close friends and family members, not random strangers you meet online. I asked in the beginning did you only add me to game share? If you want to add so we can play online, that's fine?

BlindBoy,"Are you going to game share with me"

Darryl,"It appears that all you want is to game share. I don't' game share with strangers and nether should you, its very dangerous to give out your info online especially to strangers. You are taking a big risk! Unfortunately I don't want to be a part of that either, so good luck with gaming. I am going to delete and block you now"

And there you go, why did I have this conversation and not just delete him to begin with. It did appear that this person was either a kid or someone with less mental capabilities than the average potato.

I was hoping that maybe I talk some sense into him/her and he/she realize that game sharing with strangers and giving out your personal info is dangerous.

The guy/girl(wtf, we all know its a guy) gave me his sign in info for crying out loud. I still have it, I could go into his account and fuck him over completely!! What's wrong with people?!!!

I thought his name was great has a metaphor of his behavior, Blind has a bat to what he was doing, Blind Boy indeed.

I did change his name, his real sign in name was BlindBoy followed by some random numbers which I left out incase people read this and wanted to troll him. Which he probable needs.


Edward said...

"It did appear that this person was either a kid or someone with less mental capabilities than the average potato."
It was pretty fun to read this. Even a kid isn't that retarded. hehehe

Hey, Darryl, if you want to add me my PSN id is kollision_br. It might take some days for me to answer though, i think it's been a month since I last turned on my PS3....

Blake said...

whoopeee, more people to shoot and run over online. Good news!!