Friday, July 16, 2010

Glitchy-MC GEE

Every or at least most games have glitches, some games are worst than others. It usually happens when a game has not had the proper prep time, not enough time to code it or game testing. But even some of the better games have insane glitches, but the people who figure these out are a breed among themselves. Seeking out weird and crazy shit that normal gamers would never even think of doing. So here are some videos of games doing some weird shit.

MK 1, sheesh I was lucky if I could pull off the Finish Him move.

Who test this stuff, who actually sat around and said, I wonder if we can get in the tank.

Red Dead Redemption has some of the funniest glitches I've seen, I have to get this game soon.

Yeah, I had alot of people falling through the floor in Bioshock aswell.

Seems ole Bats likes a little peek a boo


Jay MacEachern said...

I actually use to get the Mortal Kombat one repeatedly when I was young. The RDR ones have definitely been some of the most comical. I wish there was video from one of the Fallout updates that came out. There were ! everywhere and rainbow colored soldiers.

Kelli said...

I wish I had some funny glitches like those. All I get are the "piss-me-off-now-I-have-to-start-over" glitches.... but anyways nice blog I definitely followed, and sure you can use my site as a link, thanks for viewing and taking time to comment :)

Blake said...

no worries, I like people personal gaming blogs. Thanks for letting me add your link.