Friday, July 23, 2010

Beating Resident Evil 5 on Professional

This game has alot to do extra wise. I could go into all kinds of details but most people already know about them. But one that people, myself included , tend to shy away from is beat the game on its hardest setting. Well with RE5, its the professional setting.

Is it hard? Damn straight, its the typical one hit kills scenario. But at this point in the game you should have a good idea what's coming up. But here are some tips to make professional so much easier, not a BREEZE but easier.

First, in order for you to get to professional mode you have to beat the game in veteran(hard) mode. You could try and do professional mode now, but you be insane. If you don't want to do these tips then you are going to have a hell of time beating the game on its hardest settings. So do this first, for your own sanity.

1)Go to normal or easy mode and beat the game in under 5 hrs. Don't bother picking up items or killing enemies, just run run run. You can literally beat most levels in under 10 min just by running through them. I did it with a time of 3 hrs 15 min, well under the 5 hr time frame.By doing this you unlock the infinity ammo rocket launcher.

Now this is good, but not too good for close quarters combat when you get surprised or ambushed, firing your rocket launcher at close range usually results in death. Now you can try to do professional mode with just the rocket launcher but its still rather difficult.

2)To help make your life much easier, buy/collect the first MAG gun(the one that looks like Dirty Harry gun) When you get that upgrade it its fullest potential with the money you collect playing up to this point. Once you do that, you unlock the the S&W 500-MAG. With a whopping 5000 damage points. Then get more money by redoing older stages to fully upgrade that gun.

Once you fully upgrade the S&W 500-MAG, go to the bonus menu and buy the unlimited ammo for that gun and give it to your partner. It now makes what ever they shoot at one hit kills, this is a big help, a SUPER big help.(remember to turn unlimited ammo on when choosing level)
This should make your life easier if you want to try professional.But if you really want to make your life more easier on the hardest setting.

3)Do everything I said in hint 2 but now with the shotgun and get the Hydra, but really any shotgun should suffice. What you want to do is have a wide spread gun that you can use in close quarters for times when things get thick. You can knock them back on their ass and give you time to back up and use the rocket launcher and get rid of them fast.

4)I don't know if the bullet and melee vest help on professional mode, but I did outfit both my characters with both.(This requires you to go back and replay levels to get money to buy these extras)

5)Don't stand your ground if enemies are charging at you, they can kill you in one hit and if you do survive you get maybe 2 secs before you die, often not enough time for your partner to save you. Sheva is basically useless on professional mode, only if she is right next to you does she manage to save you in time. Even then, she shouts that she is going to save you, but shoos a baddies instead, then I die. Good job ding bat!!

6)Collect has many herbs has you can and combine red and green herbs, they give you more life then just green and green herbs. Fill yours and your partners inventory with healing herbs. If you do get hit and are brought back to life, its better to have full life and not just barely breathing while you hobble away.

7)Run, if you can make it through a part and don't have to kill baddies. Do that, other wise you are wasting your time and probable valuable herbs trying to get through a part.

That's about it, yes it takes some time to build up all that stuff, you just can't jump into professional mode and go. But even if you didn't use the unlimited ammo , I don't know how you would make it through the game. Enemies take a shit load of bullets and you rarely come across ammo. In 75% of the barrels I found money and not bullets, I guess they expect you to do alot of melee attacks?

Either way, you are in for a knee slapping good time! Good Luck!


Big D said...

Great tips!

I always found it weird that you basically HAD to use infinite launcher and magnum to beat professional, since to me "infinite" anything seems like a cheat.

Well maybe it COULD be done normally, but it would be about as fun as giving yourself a wedgie for 5 hours..

Kelli said...

I could never see myself beating a resident evil game on professional. I have a hard time trying not to have a heart attack when the game is on normal. I see myself as the one running past the enemies into a dead end and getting slaughtered.

Nice tactics though, well planned and thought out