Saturday, June 12, 2010

Force Unleashed 2

Why is everything that isn't directly touched by George Lucas not crap. This little intro and the intro for old republic are some of the best bits of the OTHER starwars universe. Just sit back mr lucas and let people who know what they are doing do what they do touchie...just lookie!


Big D said...

Jesus christ Darth Vader why are you so retarded? Yes, of course you should leave your apprentice who has incredible force abilities in a room to die with REGULAR STORM TROOPERS.

For fuck sake these guys can't hit a wookie from 10 paces. At least use imperial guards or better yet kill him YOURSELF YOU DUMB ASS!! You cut down your old mentor and chopped off your SONS freaking HAND (spoilers!). You aren't afraid to do your own dirty work.

And WHY WHY god WHY would you leave this fucking guy with BOTH his lightsabers huh??!! Is your helmet on too tight? I mean jesus CHRIST why didn't you encase him in carbonite or SOMETHING!! Of course he can never escape from these shackles they are made of mother freaking OSMIUM the densest metal in the universe!! seriously? SERIOUSLY?!

In short, I enjoyed this trailer but it didn't make sense to me.

Blake said...

I had the exact same reaction when I first saw the trailer. Then I thought (I hope) that Vader was aware of this and wanted him to escape because its all part of some bigger evil plan.

That or he's didn't eat his Wheaties this morning.So the moral of this trailer is eat your breakfast or be stupid for the rest of the day.

Big D said...

Hmmm I never thought of that. Vader is stupid....Like a fox!