Tuesday, June 15, 2010

DeathTrack Resurrection - PSN

I saw this game on the PSN and it reminded me of a old game I use to play at a friends house which was also called Death Track. We had a great time with it, one of those games that that once you hear the music it really takes you back. I'm not a racing fan in games, but give me some guns that I can attach to my car and I'm good to good. So games like Full Auto and Twisted Metal are some of the few car games that I actually enjoy.

So I saw this and I had to go and see if it was indeed anyway based of the original from 1989. I was pleasantly surprised that it IS!!! This is great, I looked for the reviews and it got a 6.7 from IGN and average from Gamespot and basically a average game overall from most sites.

I know that it doesn't compare to all the great racing games out there today, but for a fan(ME) of the original,which game me and my friends hrs of fun. The nostalgia alone is enough of a sell for me. That and it's not a full price game at $14.99, which for me to get this piece of history seems like a steal. So I can say without a doubt that I will be picking up this game and I look forward to reviewing it and seeing if in anyway does it stands up to the 1989 experience.

Here is the original Game, ahaha, the graphics are glorious, god I loved this game.