Sunday, June 6, 2010

Beating Dash Circuit:: First Track - 3D Dot Game Hereos

HOLY MOLY F BALLZZZ. I just got 19:55 on the first track in 3DDGH. If anyone is playing this game then you know what I mean. For everyone else, well lets say its like winning the lottery.

Tips for winning this little race, there really aren't many.

1. Keep trying, again and again and again and just when you think you've had enough, again and again. I was into my 410 race. Now that's not 410 complete races. That's me starting a race, banging into something within the first round and then starting over.
2. You have to have the first lap without a hit, not one. If you do then just start over, its pointless. I only say this because you are only allowed 1 hit.So if you can do the next 2 hrs at super human robot speed, then by all means go ahead.

3. After the first lap, make sure you make it to at least the top left corner before you crash. to help you do this a trick is to his the select button when you come into a turn and then press the direction you need to go and hit tap the select button and then immediately hit the select button again. By this point you are going robot fast and only by dumb luck or if you are a robot do you have a chance of getting past this.So using the press select button trick may take you that little bit further before you crash.
4. If you CAN press in the opposite direction to stop yourself, you lose less time from a stop then you do from a crash.

5.Then continue on and finish the 2nd lap and continue on with the 3rd. You can then use the select button trick again towards the end of the 3rd lap to give you milliseconds that may or may not help.

There is no magic or real trick to this race. It is possibly one of the hardest things I've had to do in any game. And I have another track to do besides this one, a much larger track. Good lord.
Anywho, one down, one to go.


rowen26 said...

That's nuts!