Thursday, June 24, 2010

BattleField Bad Company 2 Onslaught Mode - DLC

Last night I purchased onslaught mode for BFBC2. It was $9.99 which gives you 4 reworked maps with the sole purpose being to have 4 players (co-op)to play against a ONSLAUGHT of AI controlled characters by capturing and holding flags.

There are also new trophies added and a new vehicle added, the Gun Ship. But you can't control it, on one of the maps it sails in and blows the crap outta your team(take it out fast). You then have 4 modes of play for each level. Easy, Normal, Hard, and Hardcore.

Each time you finish a map you are givin a time for how long it took your team to finish it, so it turns into beat your best time.

But finishing a map depends on 2 things. Communication and making sure you have diversity on your team. If all your guys are assault or all medics. You can pretty much guarantee that your team is going to have problems.

What it all boils down too is a kick ass good time. When you have a team that are all communicating and working together, holy cow is it ever one of the better co-op experiences one can play online.

Normal mode is fun, but you need at least 3 people, Hardcore is frikken HARDCORE. You lose all your HUD elements making it much more realistic. So you don't have a map, or bullet count or floating cross hairs, just your iron sites. And NO indicators to show where your teammates are when they die and you can't spot enemies for you team mates. The AI is relentless in Hardcore, but boy does it make for a intense play.

My only complaint was dropped games. Seeing has this just came out, it looks like they have some bugs to fix. Myself, Jay and others we talked too online while playing have all had dropped games if you are the host. Its like it can't keep its connection with the host of the map and just kicks everyone.

I'm sure this is something that will be addressed in the coming weeks, this is still a great addition to already fantastic game and worth every penny. IF you are a online gamer, great great GREAT!!