Monday, May 3, 2010

Prince of Persia - PS3

I got this when it came out has a greatest hits collection. So its been sitting on my shelf for quite some time. Now that the beast of Fallout 3 is done, I can focus on Prince of Persia.

I must say that my favorite part of the game is this jump button, otherwise known has the "X" button. But I can see that the game developers wanted to make the game challenging, so they gave you a Death button, otherwise known has the "X" button.

Has you can probable tell right from the start, this is not going to be pretty.

The jump button, How many times did I press X to jump to area and then press X again to jump in a direction but instead he leapt to his death. You have to wait for his animation to finishing playing before you press X again to jump up, if you don't he will jump out from the wall he is currently on. So dubbed this button, the Death Button.

Spoiler - There is no turning back time to help you in this game. Instead you get a partner that jumps in and saves you at ever turn. I don't mean she will help you ever once and while. YOU CANNOT DIE!! I've tried, Even at the end of the game when your partner has died, so shes not there to save you anymore. I climbed to a high place to jump off and see what happens. Two things happen, it won't let me jump form certain locations that I could have jumped from before or I jumped and landed on my feet, where earlier that same jump would have killed me. It makes for a very"Who cares what I do" I can't die. End Spoiler

While on the same note, has a partner(See, I don't even remember here name) shes useless. She gets in the way, she breaks the pace of the game and the overall flow of travel. If she is in-front of you , its like the prince gets stuck in this invisible goo. Getting around her it goes from run to walking speed. If I want to make a jump and she is in the way, I run straight for her(cause that's the direction I need to go) hoping that the game will move her. It does, but only enough that it throws off my direction and I jump to my death.

The flow of the jumping from one area to another is great, but then they incorporate the girl. And it breaks everything, the fast pace of moving from one area to another is brought to a screeching halt when you have to stop to wait for her to jump on your back or for the game programmers to put in some useless animation of the two of them passing each other or moving for position. This is one of those times where it really, really breaks the game mechanics. I DON'T LIKE IT!!!

The overall world is empty, never at any point do I feel like I am part of a bigger world. Instead I feel much like I did in Damnation, infact Damnation has more people/monsters in it then Prince of Persia. Yes I get the whole desert thing, but it just doesn't seem full. I feel like they spent all there time making Giant levels and then didn't have enough time to add stuff.

Story progression is ..well, its choose your own adventure. You are free to start at any world you want and go where you want. I understand that they are going for the more standard gameplay of sandbox. But at no point did I feel like I was moving forward. I never felt like I was going to the next level, the next area, this is more hard, this is getting more difficult. It was a jumbled mess and gave no sense of progression.

I really don't have much good to say about this game. This is one of those instances where all the reviews for this game and my gameplay experience is like black and white. I did not like this game, the only thing I can agree with the critics on, It looks pretty!!

So I will gladly disagree with the norm here. I did not like this game and is easily the worst Prince of Persia game to date. But that's just me, and I'm not a critic.

Want a better game than this, here you go.