Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Game Sharing on the PS3

So I game shared for the first time sometime last week.

For those of you who arn't familiar with game sharing, this is what it is.

Game sharing allows you to set up your account on 5 different PS3 so that you can download any DLC to those PS3's. So you can basically share all your DLC games/add-ons/etc with 5 of your friends at no cost to them.

The thing people have to be careful with is, you better be sure that you trust the person you are game sharing with because you signing in all your info on someone else PS3. Which makes what I find, even more disturbing, random strangers who ask other gamers for their game sign-in info so that they could game share with them. ARE YOU CRAZY!!! There's no way in hell I am sharing my info with a random stranger. So far I am game sharing with only 1 friend, someone whom I trust and feel comfortable with enough to give that kind of info too.

Of course the game companies don't like this because that's potentially game sales they are losing out on. Which I agree, it is not the best deal for game companies.

That is until Final Fight came out, which has something that would curb game sharing. The first part I agree with and that is . If I was to share Final Fight with a friend and I was playing the game or just stop playing the game. Then my friend tried to play the game that same day, the game would tell the player that "This game was played on a different console and you must wait 24 hrs to play it on yours"

They do this to treat the game has a physical medium. So If I lent a game to a buddy, I can't very well play it since I don't physically have it. I agree with that, if I then like it enough , I will buy it, especially if its a multiplayer game and I want to play with my buddies.

But how they are able to do this is what I don't agree with.They are able to control all this because the game can ONLY be played while signed in to the PSN. So if your Internet is down or problems with the PSN are making it screwy, then the game won't play. You CANNOT play this game OFFLINE. This is bunk!! I totally agree with what they are trying to do, but there has to be a better way. Its this reason and this reason alone that I am not getting Final Fight. All though I am a fan of the series, I just don't like the fact that I have to be signed in to the PSN to play it.

Game sharing has defiantly changed the way we play games and keeping it from getting out of control is something I believe in. Maybe bring the list of sharing with 5 friends down to 3 or even 2 friends. I am really interested to see where all this is going to go.

Here is a video showing how to game share. Its some random kid, but its that simple.