Friday, April 9, 2010

Take the Nuka Cola Challenge

I am one quest away from finishing the main story with lots of side quest still to do. One of those is the Nuka Cola Challenge. This side quest is so tedious, especially if you are doing this quest and nothing else. But I think it was meant to be one of those quest that you work on while doing other quest and the main story.

What you have to do is collect 30 rare Nuka Cola Quantum for someone. There are a total of 92 in the main game. I have been finding them from day one, but I haven't been keeping them. I have either been using them or dropping them and selling them. I didn't see any reason to keep them.

That is until you get this quest which I got at the very end of the game. This sucks, you know how hard it is to find those stupid Nuka Cola Quantum?? If I had known from the start I would have been saving them, I know I had at least over a dozen ,maybe even more. How many do I have now? 2.GREAT!!

I have the game almost done, a handful of side quest, and to end the game with a tedious fetch quest is stupid. I don't mind using walk through guides, I don't mind knowing what I have to do. In fact, in some cases it enhances my game play because I'm not wasting valuable items/perks.

This is one that I would have like to have known about from Day 1. I am going to continue with the other side quest and see how many I can come up with, but more than likey I'll have to hunt around the wasteland for them all.
There is a option to get a perk that allows you to convert 10 regular nuka colas into a Quantum. So I thought that was great, I got 50 plus in my fridge. But then I find out that I can't use COLD Colas for conversion. That just sucks ballz, what a waste of time.

This is the worst, least fun quest in the entire game. But you take the good with the bad and they all must be done.


Jaison said...

There's a truck on the highway between the republic of Dave and Old
Olney that has quite a few of them. As does the back room of the supermarket near Megaton but you probably already have those. If I remember correctly the DLC has quite a few of them spread throughout too.

Blake said...

Good times, thanks for the info good sir.