Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fat Princess is Getting Free Stuff

So only this weekend I wrote up a piece on GameOlio about how Fat Princess was dieing online. Hard to find games and when I did they were so lopped sided it wasn't fun at all. Well, I jumped online again only to find a update.

This update includes:
  • Warrior: Fixed to disallow shield activation when carrying objects, as well as attenuating damage against lava and drowning.
  • Ice Mage: Changed level 1 area attack to slow enemies, not freeze them.
  • Soccer map: Disabled online score saving for this level ( it was too easy to gain rank)
and 2 new FREE snow-themed maps called Frost Bite and Candy Mountain.

All this for FREE!!! I mean updates are a dime a dozen and most times we really don't see much of a change.

But to get 2 free Maps, that is pretty cool and for free. I mean they could have easily charge money for these, but it is fantastic to see studios giving back to the gamers.

This all comes at a time that I just started getting back into the game and now with the new Maps, I am even more enthused to play this game again. Getting into matches have become easier because more people are playing the new maps.

And this isn't all, there is talks that even more maps are coming out AND new fighter classes, ninjas and pirates. This is all great news for a game that wasn't receiving anything new to keep players in game. I said recently that I would get this game if you only want to play with friends and only if it goes on sale. Well , with the new maps and the new support coming up, I recommend getting this and have a good time.