Thursday, March 25, 2010

Resident Evil 5 : Gold Edition - To Buy or NOT to Buy?

Currently am playing a couple games on Co-op/split screen, one being Damnation with Ian and the other Gears of War 2 with Matt. Both of which I will talk more about more once they are finished. But overall, good or bad game, playing co-op with a friend is a much more enjoyable experience than playing alone.

You get to experience all the weird glitches ,all the cool," Holy crap, look what just happened" moments. A game that otherwise is either not good, or doesn't interest you on its own. Now all of a sudden IS interesting when viewed has a co-op experience.

Its really only in the past year that I really started the whole co-op game play. I mean the old Nintendo games had their 2 player games, Contra being one of the most popular ones,but with the depth that today's game have and the strategy that can be implemented, it really adds a whole new perspective on gameplay.

So with that, Resident Evil 5 when I first played the demo, made me want to shoot the TV screen ,now seems like a good idea if played with a friend. I mean the controls would take some getting used too. But I bet to go through the entire game in co-op would be a blast, awkward controls and all.

So with this new found love of playing in co-op, I have been debating getting the Resident Evil 5 game. If I do then I probable get the Gold Edition which contains all the DLC up till now, extra outfits, levels, etc for the price of $49.99. That's a good deal. But I just don't know whats holding me back from going, Yup, I'm getting this.


Anonymous said...

A few things to note from my experience playing co-op in RE5. First of all if you're planning to do split screen, it's worthwhile to know that it doesn't split the screen evenly like Gears does. It sort of offsets each to the side, making each screen tinier than they are already. Lame!

Second, the co-op experience is awesome when everything works right. Better than Gears I'd say. Fighting over herbs and ammo is like fighting over the pizza in ninja turtles.

Lastly some of the bosses especially wesker are really stupid. Like shouting at each other because you can't understand how to do it and the game won't tell you.

I guess if you are having doubts I'd wait till it drops in price. There is some really cool parts if you're a RE fan but otherwise you might get frustrated with it.

Blake said...

I did like RE4, but before that the last one I played was Veronica Chronicles which was ok.

YEah, RE5 is the type of game that can sit on the shelf for a while and it will still be good a year from now.

Jay MacEachern said...

I would have to agree and it is a title I am going to pick up down the road along with Move. I still have a hard time getting past the whole you cannot run and shoot a gun, but can save the world from plaguing mutations..haha.