Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Antics in Fable 2 - Bad Sucks

So I finished Fable 2 playing the whole game has evil. Which was fun in the beginning, but once I started to really get into the story. I felt morally obligated to do the right thing and it took everything in me to kill/break/steal. Everything in me was shouting, "This is Wrong". Its just a game, how can it be wrong?!

I had a couple of slips with doing good things but rectified it quickly by sacrificing 4 wives at once, or trying to anyway. With the end of the game, (Spoiler Alert - They kill my family, which I was going to do anyway at some point, they kill my dog. My DOG!!, no, this was the only thing that I was nice too, this really wanted me to kill the evil guy, good or bad ending. But after you do all that you are giving 3 choices. Choose to bring back all the people in the spire while sacrificing your family. Or bring back your family and your DOG!!! but all the people in the spire stay dead. Or screw everyone and take the money and bring nobody back to life.

Because I am evil ,I choose to take the money, but by god. Did I every feel bad, I missed my dog, I wanted my dog back. For one, I can't finish my archeology missions because I don't know where to dig. End Spoiler)

I finished the game and didn't feel any satisfaction out of it at all. I mean I enjoyed the game, but the overall ending and finality of it just didn't sit right with me. I have played games like this before, play either bad or good and I usually play good and if it was good enough, go back and play has evil. Most of the time on the second play through it wasn't has fun even with the ability to kill what ever I wanted.

So what this has made me realize is that I enjoy playing has good. I get more out of a game by doing good things than by being a complete ass. So from here on, I here by say, "I will only play has GOOOOOD". Unless the game is really good and I will go back and play it has evil. Its not real after all.