Monday, March 22, 2010

Air Fortress - NES

I've said this before on Pacroid and I will continue to say it, "This is what happens when you let your parents pick out your video games".

Has a kid you want to be surprised, but you also want to have the things you like. I didn't grow up a rich kid or even middle class, so I was appreciative of everything that I had. I may not have wanted it, or liked it. But I was glad to have it none the less. Air Fortress is one of those games.

I wanted to be surprised and not know what game I was getting so I didn't tell my parents what I wanted for Christmas, I just said, "Surprise me". Well when you do that, I guess they take into consideration what I already have shown interest in.

Mom,"Well he likes starwars"

Dad, "He likes transformers"

Parents,' Well this game with space ships and robots in it is the perfect game!!! We are the best parents ever!!"

ahhhh, they mean well!! But I honestly didn't know what to think when I opened this up. I never heard or seen this game before and I considered myself a bit of a gamer kid. I read the magazines, watched the half hour tv gaming show, so I had no idea what this was about.

So unlike other Christmas's where I glady played my games all day, I popped this into the NES and about after an hr I turned it off.

I didn't like this game at all, there was nothing about it that stood out or was fun(at the time). I honestly left the game for the rest of day and went about doing other things. I think its was 2 days later that I did go back to it and said," I can do this, this game isn't that bad" So I went into little kid game mode and died and tried again, died and tried again, until I got to the final stage.

Ever level was the same has the last except more mazes and more things shooting at you. I remember there was a time limit or energy bar once you got to certain areas. It was this time limit that killed me, not because of enemies, I was doing a good job of killing things. I just kept dieing because I didn't know where to go next, I end up getting lost and dieing.

That coupled with having to start all over again, I never finished the last stage. It was too frustrating and the game play wasn't fun. Looking back on it now, I feel a fondess towards it, something that I like to go back and try again, if not just to get mad at it all over again. Perhaps I was a stupid kid and didn't know what I was doing, its all possible.

Here is a Map of one of the levels, you can see, it was a pretty easy to get lost and with a time limit to make it through, god I hate time trials. Perhaps this is where it all stems from?!!