Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Year of MMO's

I have never played a MMO and the reason being is I just don't have the time to invest into a game that requires a ton of hrs to experience. Its this reason that I play maybe 1, sometimes 2 RPG's a year. Back when I had less responsibilities ,I put 110 hrs into Final Fantasy 9. I don't have that kind of time anymore, so I have to be more selective over what I play.

The other thing is paying to play online, because my play times are so sporadic, I can't justify paying for a month and only playing a total of 10 hrs. But there are a bunch of MMO's that are catching my interest that I MAY just give a go.

I would really like to play the New Star Trek MMO. Being a fan of the series and I do enjoy the space combat games, this one really does appeal to me.

Conan MMO, hack and slash. I really enjoy the Conan world and think it be pretty cool to chop dragons in half and sexy time with the ladies. Right after they turn into demons and I chop their heads off, great fun.

Starwars MMO, this is the one that I am seriously looking at. Really enjoy the universe and the back stories and character classes that are known since day 1. Its too bad its not a single player game.

A MMO that has been out for years now is City of hero's and City of Villains. I just like the idea of being a super villain and causing poopmarks on the city. But to know that there is going to be a console superhero MMO with the DC universe really makes me even more interested.

So those are the ones that are really on my radar, but again. Will I play them? Time and money is the big factor. Since I never played any MMO I think I would enjoy any one of them, but only time will tell.


CyberStrike3000X said...

The only MMO I even consider playing is Star Wars: The Old Republic.

There's been talk that the DC Universe MMO might be free to play though, so I might check into that.


Blake said...

I do like free :)

Jay MacEachern said...

Yeah I would have to agree that Star Wars & DC Universe would be the only that I could dedicate time to. Even then I feel I would just fall so far behind with an MMO that it would never go in the machine again.