Wednesday, February 17, 2010

SSF 4 - 3 New Characters

So it was leaked that the 3 new characters will be from Street Fighter 3rd Strike. I must admit that I didn't play much of SF3rdS, only in the arcades. I thought it looked amazing but I didn't into get any of the characters. Especially the guy with no arms. I recognize 2 of the 3 characters, but I think they will add a nice compliment to a already impressive roster.

Dudley, which is another boxing type fighter. I hope he plays different than Balrog, but I guess it likes having Ryu and Ken.

Ibuki I remember playing the most out of all the characters. Her and Alex were my 2 favourites in the SF3 series. A great add.

Lastly, Makoto. I don't remember this guy at all. Maybe another Sakura type character?, I don't know, shoot me.


Loner Gamer said...

Makoto is a gal ^_-

Blake said...

"shakes head".........