Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Special Editions

Seeing the trend has of lately with all these games re-releasing after a year with all the DLC for the same price has the regular game really does appeal to someone who didn't buy the original. This relatively new to the DLC era.

I mean there was no download extra levels on Mario or Donkey Kong then released again has a version that includes all that stuff. This is a trend that I really like. I am a person who really doesn't mind waiting a year for a game if I think they will re-release it with all the DLC. I would pay full price for that and in some cases its a reduced price.

I recently got Fallout 3 which included all the DLC which saves a person $50 if they bought the game alone. But I guess the downside is, you don't play it right away when its most popular, so online aspects may be weak or non existent depending on the type of game that it is. But that point really doesn't bother me so much.

With this knowledge ,there are games out there now that I was going to buy , but I think I will wait for the special edition which may or may not happen. But I am willing to wait and see.


Loner Gamer said...

It's a sickening trend but it's all about trying to live this life without regrets for me. When I get my games, sometimes they stay in my game library for a while before I even play them but I like the idea that I don't wait to do things that I want to do while I am still alive. Video games are probably the last thing that will be on my mind during my final waking moment but it would be terrible to have regrets during that very instant about not picking up Fallout 10 just because I was going to wait for it to get cheaper or to receive the "Game of the Year" treatment.

Blake said...

Yeah I'm different that way, theres way too many games out there for me to get too. Plus my play style of do everything in game(if the game is enjoyable)

I have a friend who buys the game the first day it comes out and brings it back the same week for a full trade in on a different title. Hes all about experiencing every game.

I don't mind reading or listening to other views of games that I am interested in but will probable never get to play.

So reading others gamer blogs like yours is enjoyable, somewhere, almost the same has trying the game for myself.

Jay MacEachern said...

See it is both good and bad. I very much like the fact that if I missed a title over the year that I can pick it up and not have to play catch up. At the same time it would suck to buy it all and then see other's get it for free. There is never a way to keep everyone happy so I try to balance it all out.

LBP was definitely worth the wait. The DLC and special access to Modnation Racers alone made it worth it!