Thursday, February 25, 2010

PS2 - What to do?

So now that I don't have a PS3 that is backwards compatible and I already have my shelf full with other systems. What do I do with my PS2? Do I hang on to it for that one day when I feel that need to play a classic game or get rid of it and sell it and all my PS2 games to some chap?

I have a ton of PS2 games that I really like and I still played them every once in a awhile. It was great to have friends over to play some old PS2 games. Now I have to unhook something to hook that up, its just too much hassle and not enough room to set it up to be convenient.

I'm not sure if its the recent loss of saved data and me selling some of my PS3 games off to friends that made me question holding on to my PS2 or just another era and moving on with the new. Anywho, I got a big collection of PS2 games. Some I really like and would still play if I was able too. Maybe hold on to them and hope that the PS4 will be able to play them??! But happy to say the my first generation of the PS2 works fine. (grumble at all the next gen systems)


Loner Gamer said...
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Loner Gamer said...

Being able to play PS2 games is something that we all should cherish: Or you can sell those PS2 games and regret not keeping them around when Sony finally launches their PS2 line-up on the PSN Store where they sell those games for $15 each.

Blake said...

I know I know, you are absolutely right.