Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Beautiful Katamari - Xbox 360

I don't normally talk about a game until I have completed at least the main quest. But I don't think I will be able to even make it too the end with this game.

The premise the game is great ,I love the fact that you can roll items into a large ball until the ball is the the size of a planet, Genius!!!

So far I have completed 50% of the game and one thing stands out and that's the controls. I think its one of those Resident Evil 5 type of scenarios where the controls were made like that on purpose to compliment the game play design. So you made the controls hard and messed up has fuck so you could force the player to get mad has hell and throw the controller out the window?? Good job game designers, your awesome!!! Now once you are all done licking your own asses, MAKE A GAME WITH DECENT CONTROLS!!!

The entire control scheme is maddening. I know there's a learning curve but this is nuts! I shouldn't be half way through the game and still feel like I am fighting the controls. I should be used to them and have a good flow going on. TURN DAMN YOU, TURRRRRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNN!!!!! I think they thought the game was too easy to do with a modern control scheme and decided to make it so that the awkward controls are part of the game. I don't like games like that, "oh but the controls are suppose to be like that, its part of the game play"

Really, part of the game play?? Then this stick is suppose to be up your ass, its part of your ass!! Its FuN:)

The other part about this game and this has nothing to do with game play but more with me and my inner ear condition. I have a thing where I become dizzy and I don't have to be moving at all. I will have a split sec or 2 where everything shoots around the room, its fun stuff, really!! This is relatively new, within the past year and is taking getting used too.

But the game camera in this game with the quick juts and stabs around the playing field throws my head for whoppers. The last 2 times I play this game for any more than 30 min I get super nauseated and bleh. Just like if I had gotten off a amusement part ride that just got stuck and I had to ride it for 15 min while they figured out how to turn it off.

Its this reason that I don't know if I can finish the game. Maybe if I play one level a day, maybe then I could do it, but for right now the camera in that game makes me sick has a dog!! Its because the camera is all over the place and its not smooth, it gets stuck and jitters and moves in areas where I can't see things. Its horrible.

So other than those 2 GLARING THINGS, the game is quite fun and enjoyable. I hope I get to the end.

Oh yeah, I detest the music in this game. I am NOT a fan of Japanese themed style anything. This music made me think I was playing the Bayonetta demo again. But that being that, I can turn the music off and enjoy the game, no biggie.


rowen26 said...

I had never thought about it about the controls, but you're right.

I've played three Katamari games and the controls and gameplay remain the same throughout the series.

I STILL find it hard to turn. And it WAS a source of frustration. But I somehow took it as the objects being hard to turn because they were all bulky and wonky.

But you're right, it shouldn't be like that, fighting the controls.