Wednesday, December 16, 2009

VGA Awards

Umm, this urks me!! I know the show is made for overactive testosterone 15-25 year old males!

So I guess if I was excited by explosions and had a hard-on 24-7, then maybe I would understand this but I just had too many things that were wrong with this show. For the most part, real gamers tend to agree. Don't ask the mainstream, you know the ones, the ones that curse you up and down in online games but at the same time you are wondering what a 13 yr old is doing playing a game that is rated "M" for mature anyway!?

1) Letting the Internet people pick game of the year.Really??! You want to do this?? I know its cool and all to let the gaming community to be involved, but I think Angry Joe said it best when he describe it to the Oscars. "If the Oscars were being chosen by the online community then Twilight would be movie of the year." If you want the gaming community to participate, then let them choose the candidates and have a panel of judges pick from that list.

2) I didn't know half of the celebrities, I say half. I didn't know 95% of the celebrities on the show. Who is this band?, who is this sexy woman?, who is this black guy? I can see that you sir are a gamer, I can tell you are because you said, "cool, and gaming has come a long way" and "end message, next line is narrator" oops, I guess the teleprompter how to manual wasn't sent out in time.

3) Its a big popularity contest, AND WE ALL KNOW ITS COOL TO BE POPULAR!! So its like high school all over again??? Do you wanna know where the most popular kid in my school is now. Hes bald and overweight and sits in a office and smokes cigarettes all day while answering phones on how to best save money on their phone bill. (He's soooo dreeeeeaaammy!!)

If you are a true gamer, this show by no means is meant to be taken seriously but has a form of entertainment.If you look at it with that mentality then its all ok(in some form or another) Unfortunately, most people take it has law and I can't wait to see prints of games with VGA awards written on them, game of the year, best voice actor, best performance by a cat, best fart joke, best way to shoot someone in the face!

Sadness has prevailed or I am just getting old......."Damn you kids, get off my LAWN!!!"

Jack Black was pretty funny (guilty pleasure)


Loner Gamer said...

VGA focuses on how to make games "attractive" to the mainstream society with a sexist, masculine overtone. It's a sad representation of the video gaming industry and if anything, it only brings shame instead of validation to the term "video games". Uncharted 2 as game of the year? Please. I am glad I didn't watch the show.

As a side note, I have Spike now on my channel subscription and I accidentally watched its video game show one day - the one with Olivia Munn. I have never seen her hosting before and right off the bat I can tell that she really cares about video games (being sarcastic here). She's pretty but she's dull. I understand why she is on the show but gosh, what a mockery to the video game world. Where's Veronica Belmont when you need her?

Blake said...

yup,well said!

pmaestro said...

thought i heard assassin's creed 2 took game of the year... oh well. it should've! i stabbed hundred of guys in the face! can't do that so easy.