Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Video Game History - Nintendo's Betrayal

Scroll Down to Video Game History - The Death of Atari to see where all this comes from.

Wow, Nintendo is a big dick or should I just assume that all video game leaders are dicks.

. After the NES, they wanted to make the next big thing. The cost and time to put together a cartridge took longer then to write info on CD's.

. They started to develop a relationship with the leading developer of CD's. Which was Sony at the time. Where Nintendo told them that they were partners.. So they started the development of the now known Sony PlayStation.. There were press conference with Sony where Sony openly said that they are working with Nintendo to develop the next big Gaming console.

. Behind Sony's back Nintendo started talks with Sony's competition, Phillips.

. Nintendo gave a press conference where they announced their partner ship with Phillips.

. Sony being burned,"Hell has no fury like a woman scorned". Releases the PS1 and sells more units than the NES, Genesis and gameboy combined.

Well good for you Nintendo, I'm glad that everyone does a little ass raping every now and then.
If anyone has a problems with these stories, take it up with NBC.