Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Resistance 2 - Getting the Killing Machine Trophy

I've FINALLY DONE IT!!! At long last, it is done. I HAVE 10,000 kills, 10,020 kills to be exact.
Boy that one was one of the longest challenges I've ever done, next to completing the ambulance missions in GTA Vice City, that took me a long time to do as well.

So with that done, I get my 8th Platinum trophy, yeehaaaww.
But here are some stats that may help others trying to get this trophy. Some facts that when I myself searched for online. The gaming community is generally vague, saying stuff like, keep at it. Its gonna take a while but keep playing. This doesn't give me any numbers. So these numbers may be different for everyone depending on how many kills you get per round. But at least its something to give you an idea of how far you have to go to get the Killing Machine Trophy.

Stats for Resistance 2 Competitive Online Play

Kills - 10,020
Deaths - 6811
Suicide -47 (You get a longer respawn time if you kill yourself)
Playing Time - 3 days 14 hrs 40 min 44 secs
Rounds Played - 685
Most used weapon - Carbine with 3028 kills
Second most used weapon - Marksmen with 2367 kills
Least used weapon - Shotgun with 101 kills (Useless in my opinion)
Competitive level obtained - 29
XP - 9,501,330
Overall Word Rank - 11,213

Lets compare these stats to the number one guy on the Resistance leader boards, Sprague007.

Kills - 202,432
Playing Time - 39 days 15 hrs 19 min 1sec
Rounds Played - 8036
XP - 186,319,710

Those are some crazy stats. Well with that done, I don't think I will be playing Resistance 2 for some time now. Unless its with friends from my friends list, that is always a good time.


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Woo! Congratulations!!!!

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