Monday, November 9, 2009

Hackers on PS3

I've been playing my little heart out alot lately on Resistance 2. Mindboggeling slow, trying to get the 10,000 kill trophy. Every now and then you come across a player online that is insanely good and I thought nothing of it till a few days ago when when I thought what may be happening, actually was.

At first it was seeing a player at the end of a game with 53 kills while everyone else had 21 and 18, 16, and so on.But on 2 particular gaming sessions I came across a guy (Dally Waffle) who was blipping all over the screen. At first I thought it was lag. So I put my headset on and asked other players on my team if they too were seeing this. Sure enough they were.

But it wasn't the regular lag, where hes walking along and then it looks like snapshots. Sure he was blipping in and out, but he was also walking on air and jumping 50ft into the air. I was amazed by this, mainly because I didn't know people could hack the PS3 online. Then I saw the same thing with another player, jumping all around the screen, floating, teleporting, it was insane.

It was the first time I ever saw this on a console. Sure the PC is rampant with this stuff and really made me not enjoy playing online. One guy running around with tons of kills while he jumps and blips around the screen, God I love to punch him/her in the head.

Made me think of the guy who got banned from the resistance online play by Sony for cheating. But I wonder how he got caught? When I went back to the game screen, I clicked in the persons name and it gives you options to talk, view and report. So I clicked report. Maybe if he gets enough people clicking report on his name they will investigate him? I don't know, but I am not enjoying this new found activity on my console, but it also looks like this may become more prominent with the life of the system.

Plus, I don't want my Ps3 to turn into a bomb!


pmaestro said...

that's so lame. it's why i stopped playing games on PC.

the goal of a good competitive FPS is to synchronize with the software as efficiently as possible. when you move an inch, the character moves an inch. when you shoot the character shoots. with these objectives met, you can be sure that you're losing because you suck and not that the game is flawed.

then some douchebag comes along and throws that out the window. it's like finding out you took silver in the olympics because the gold hoarder was roided up on gamma rays and smashed his way to victory.

Blake said...

Yeah, I was pretty turned off from playing games online with the PC because of all the hackers.

I first saw it in Diablo and then in the Medal of Honor and Battlefield series.

It just made it not fun to continually get shot through walls, or from up in the sky. Its just no fun. Its sad that I am seeing on online console games now.