Saturday, October 31, 2009

Honorable Halloween Mentions

Well, I didn't get around to all the horror type games that I've played this month. Some I 've already reviewed and it be pointless to talk about them again. But here are some short blurbs about some great and not so great horror type games I've played.

This was an entertaining romp through the world of Ash. Not a spectacular game, but fun enough for one play through. Hardcore fans may enjoy much more than the average gamer.

OH LOOK AT THIS!!! An Activision game. That explains why it sucked so hard. God did I ever hate this game. It looked horrible, played like shit and was downright stupid. Same thing over and over. The boss was super hard, but because the game was so glitchy, I got him stuck against the wall and he couldn't move and I kicked him to death. Classic!!!

This is an amazing game and is a must play for any gamer. I can't rave about this game enough. Do yourself a favour and go get this game. NOW!!!

Great movie!!! (Now its gonna be turned into a remake, STOP REMAKING SHIT!) The game is ok, it has some frustrating elements. But overall its playable, if that means anything.

This was surprising fun and had scary parts, but once you got into the game, you pretty much knew what to expect. Fun and entertaining. Sure there are better games out there, but this one isn't half bad.

I played the hell outta Parasite Eve. So much so that I got to unlock the secret towers where you had to battle your way to the top and battle these 2 giant cockroaches. I NEVER DID beat them. I tried everything, I couldn't do it. But I loved this game and the opening sequence with the rat mutating was fantastic.

Silent Hill, why I didn't play ANY of the sequels I don't know. I loved the first one. I guess I just fell outta touch with the series. I would love to go back and play them just to get the great gaming experience. I know they said some are not so good, but overall, this is a great series for any gamer.

I played more horror type games, but I can't remember them off the top of my head. But these are some great and not so great titles. So grab a horror game and see if it still holds up to time and give your self a well deserved poop in the pants.