Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Introductions are in order ... Part 2

Okay, continuing my journey through videogameLand. I'll speed it up, so that I can get to some game reviewing and stop procrastinating.

After a few years on the Colecovision, I got introduced to a beast that would change my gaming life and the one of millions throughout the world as well. The NES. I won't go rambling about this console. You know what it is.

I got my NES secondhand, payed all by my hard-earned money. A whole 100$ for it! Now that I think about it, I wonder what the sale price for a new system was back then. But I didn't care! I had my NES and could play Zelda, Super Mario Bros and all that jazz! I even subscribed to Nintendo Power and spent HOURS studying the maps and tips in it.

And that is where I learned about this wonder of wonders. The SUPER NES!!! I had to have it. So, when it was finally released in Canada after all the rumours, shortages and tribulations, I pooled my money so that I could acquire it. Oh, the hours I spent playing Super Mario World!

At the same time, I was using the PC as a gaming machine. I loved all the Sierra Quest games. Heck, this is where I learned a lot of English AND typing. Because they were still text entry games back then. Playing games on 15 floppies. Yes sir!
I remember when they came up with the Cd-ROM. I would go to the computer store and stare longingly at them. No way in the world would I ever be able to use this futuristic contraption, much less afford it. I would stay on floppies forever. I now laugh at nineteen year old me.

This paved the way for the Sony Playstation for me. Today, those graphics are unbearable, but back then it was wonderful! Oh, the startles I got from the raptors in Tomb Raider!

Then, to make a long story short came the PS2 and currently, the PS3.
But by this time, I was an adult and video games were not occupying so much of my time anymore. In fact, there was a long stretch where I didn't actively play lots of games.

I think that now, I've struck a happy balance.