Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Game Giveaway - Marvel Trading Card Game - DS

YAYYYY!!!, Game giveaways are fun.

This is a card game game. I guess like Magic the Gathering. I've only ever played 2 other types of these games. The starwars one back in 1997 and the YuGio with Seth. Both were decent enough to learn, they weren't hard to learn and within 20-30 min you could be playing and having fun. So this is the first card game I played on a video game system.

Why am I giving away this game.? ..............................I don't know how to play it! I've spent over 3 hrs reading, doing the ingame tutorials (5 times) and I just don't understand all the rules.

When I read it, it sounds simple enough, but then to implement it, all these other "special" rules come into play.I go through each step and when I think i know what I have to do, it won't let me select the cards that I believe I have to play in order for play to continue. So I select an option that it DOES let me do. And what happens?!....I lose!!

I never even made it past the first level, i kept dieing because I didn't understand what I had to do. I would go back and read and again, it would seem simple. But I think its one of those things that the book and tutorial doesn't really tell you everything. Why can't I play this card now, it says that's what I am suppose to do.

So after much deliberation, i put the game down. I wasn't having fun with it because I didn't what I was doing.

So unlike the last two games that I gave away because it was crap and I thought others deserved to see how crappy those games were. I don't think this game is crap. I just don't know how to play it. I'm sure if someone sat down with me and explained in detail all the rules and what I should do when "what" happens. But trying to understand this game hurts my head and I"m not having fun.

I bought it because I like marvel and I wanted to try something new. But it totally backfired on me. So I think this type of game will be much appreciated by someone else.

Its not a bad game, I just don't know how to play it, therefore my interest is lost and I really don't want to continue with it. A game shouldn't be a(wait 6 hrs and you will vaguely learn how to play the game) I COULDN'T GET PAST THE FIRST LEVEL. It wasn't even the level, it was the trial game that Professor X wanted to test me with to see ,"If you are worthy".

I am not worthy, maybe someone else is.

So like before, if you are interested in getting this game. Just make a comment on this post saying you would like this game. I will draw your name out of a bucket and mail you the game.
I'll check the cost to mail something overseas, if its not the price of what I paid for the game to mail it there, then by all means, respond.


Adam said...

woot? free stuff?

Blake said...

WOW, you almost had some competition for the free game with the Rd4s guy, oh wait, that was a German website.

I guess if any more spam messages get posted I will have to turn on the limiting options that doesn't allow random visitors to the site to post.

That would suck!

But so far, you seem to be the front runner for a wonderful game. I assume its wonderful once you get past the tutorial stage.

Brad said...

i would like it, but cant promise my worthyness at it though :)

Blake said...

Well, I'm gonna give this another week and after that its a battle between Adam and Brad.

And the 2 spammers that posted aswell. I can't believe a whole casino wanted the marvel trading card game for the DS, perhaps they are gonna make a a slot machine out of it.

Adam said...

spam for the win! PS. Curtis says Hi.

Blake said...

Adam you won, did you miss the winning post?

Send in your mailing address so I can mail you some free shit!!

Adam said...

yeah, kinda did. Not to worry, sent you an e-mail via