Monday, August 31, 2009

NHL 10 EA Demo

I"m not much of a sports fan. Don't like sport games, but hockey has always been a sport I watch every now and then and usually in the playoffs.

So I downloaded the demo, still getting used to the flick the right stick to shoot. There are alot of buttons commands and all I used was pass, shoot and check. There are tons of others.

In the demo they had create a player and team. That was fun, I made my guy and sent him out on the ice. What I noticed was that,"Why can't I switch guys?..oh wait, I can only control me?!.."

That was pretty cool. The arrow was telling me where I should be on the ice, has oppose to just skating all over the place. Setting up plays was fun and then I took a penalty and spent 2 min in the penalty box. That was funny. The demo was 5 min long and I spent 2 min in the box, actually sitting in the box and looking out watching my team play.

All I did while playing was just fooling around stuff. Which makes me wonder, when it came down to really start playing the game and winning, would the game still be fun?

I've debated about getting a hockey game for a few years now. Most games are fun with 2 players, but most of the time, I am by myself when I play, so I am skeptical. Also I don't enjoy competing online with people who do nothing but play that one game.

I enjoyed the demo, it was fun and still makes me wonder what to do, to get or not to get.

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Jay MacEachern said...

Didn't know this was out already. Heard it came out for XBL last week. Will definitely be grabbing this along with 3.0 today.

L3P3R said...

I already pre-ordered this game ;) I think the new controls as well as the new flow of the game could make non believers into the newly converted...yourself included!