Sunday, August 9, 2009

DDR- making people angry through dance steps.... sort of

Ahhh misplaced anger can be a very entertaining thing for all of us. But let's be honest, we've all been there. The feeling of anger when Mario or Megaman doesn't make a jump or when some 12 year old kid is calling you a noob on Halo. The only difference is that rational people can put down the controller and back off for a second. I mean games are supposed to be fun right?

The below video is funny for numerous reasons.

1: This guy is playing Dance Dance Revolution.... a dancing game. A game where your supposed to "dance." But he plays on his computer with the keyboard.

2: If you notice right away there's a hole behind the monitor

3: He's very good at the game! I'd say he should take up piano and some anger management classes.


Loner Gamer said...

He should be using his feet. Lamez. Maybe he hasn't heard of Guitar Hero?

rowen26 said...

I hate him.

Blake said...

What an Ass!

rowen26 said...

Did you hide a camera behind my desk at work?

Blake said...

You can't fool me! This isn't you, there was no explosion!