Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Burn Zombie Burn - Help!

What I dislike about MOST, not all help guides online, especially videos. Is that, yes, they show you that THEY can do what you are having problems with. Most of the time they leave out the details of what they are doing, exact button presses, finger flicks, timing, etc. So I am going to give tiny details that WILL help you get further in Burn Zombie Burn.

This game is great to play mindlessly, but when you want to start doing the challenges and get the developers scores, this game kicks your ass. There are videos online that can assist you, but don't tell you all the details of what you should be doing. So I will post the videos and along with these tips. You will see your score shoot from 50,000 to 5,000,000 in one play through.

Yes they tell you that you get more points by lighting them on fire. But what I didn't know is that you can run through the zombies with the flame and not get hurt(MOST OF THE TIME).

TIP 1: While you are running through the zombies with your torch, don't hold L1 or L2. The buttons you use to lock on to enemies. Other wise you will be running through a group of baddies and you will lock on to a guy behind you while running forward and get hit.

Instead, run forward and just hold your torch forward, most zombies will will turn away from you , allowing you free space to run, even though you will be smack in the middle of the group.


TIP 2: The exploding zombies with the lights on their heads. I thought that if I got a bunch of them together around a large group of zombies, they would take them out and I get a shit load of points.

While yes, they kill them, they don't give you the precious points you want. The exploded zombies will still drop items from their death. But they won't give you the points.

So at all cost, only if your trapped, try not to (and yes its hard to TRY) Not to kill the guys with lights on their heads near a group of zombies when trying to get points.

TIP 3: The hardest one for me to get, even the bronze medal. Was protect Daisy, I hate protecting anything in any game. I'm useless has tits on a bull at this kinda shit.

I could only get 30- 40,000 a time on this. And the damn bronze was 250,000, it seemed impossible. But the video that the developers did, does a great job of showing how its done. The only thing that seems different in my game and the video they show. In my game, the zombies still try to attack me just has much has they try and attack Daisy. Why is this? I don't know.

Anyway, they show using all kinds of weapons. While the chainsaw seemed to be the most effective weapon in the protecting missions. When I used other weapons I seemed to die alot faster.


TIP 4: I thought dynamite was a good idea to protect daisy, kill alot of zombies on fire and get points and items. WRONG!!!!

Make sure Daisy is not in the radius of your Explosives. I ended up killing her myself by placing bombs all around her and waiting for zombies to fill the void. Daisy doesn't take well to being blown up.

TIP 5: LITE EVERYTHING ON FIRE! Right from the start, lite things on fire, don't waste time shooting zombies with the regular gun. Lite them on fire and keep moving. This is the only way you will rack up points.

Only go for unlit zombies when you need life, don't worry about getting bombs. The odd unlit zombie will die in the group giving you that bomb.

TIP 6: Be patient. In order to get these highscores, you have to play it for quite some time. Don't rush the dieing of zombies, you can avoid them, with a little luck.The developer scores are nuts. I know having worked in the industry, that game testers sit all day and play the game, day in and day out. So they get quite good at it. To recreate there scores, I would have to give up my life.

That's about it. Stuff that you learn on your own and figure out from watching multiple videos and trial and error. I've owned this game for some time now and only now, am I really understanding how it works.

Hope this helps others with this game.