Monday, July 27, 2009

Puzzle Quest Galactrix - Nintendo DS

I'm not the puzzle fan at home. The wife is the puzzle master, I can't seem to string and move far enough ahead to be any good at them. Maybe if I could shoot the blocks, then maybe I could do better.

I played the first one on the DS, the Challenge of the Warlords and I like it. I enjoyed the RPG element added to the game. Which is funny, because the wife hates it for the reason I like it. She rather there be no running around, fetching quest and getting new armor and weapons.

So When I saw puzzle Quest Galactic for the DS and for $19.00 I figure I couldn't pass it up.
Well, the wife hated it and loved it for the same reason has mentioned above. We both set up our own games and while I was level 14, she was level 43. Hardcore, that's what puzzle woman are all about.

I enjoyed it aswell. Its a game that I could pick up, play for 15-25 min or longer and turn off. It was a great way to widdle some time away. Of course if you want a review, you are in on the wrong site, what was good, what was bad, all you get here is me and my brain.

Still......your a guy with a ship, who puzzles his way to saving the galaxy. Yup, that simple. Well, there are a bunch of mini puzzle games/ puzzles for mining, puzzles to open gates, rumors and my favourite, puzzle for ship fights,etc

I found that if you have the right combination of weapons on your ship, you can beat anything. So here is what I had that may help those people who are getting their asses handed to them. To get these weapons, just search around the map at the local stores until you find them to buy or craft them yourself if you get the plans.

I don't know the names, but I know what they do, so just go along with it all.

1)Shield blocker gun(Its not called this, this is just what it does)
This gun, keeps the enemy from regenerating his shield for 6 turns. This is a must and cuts down on the overall battle. The longer a battle goes, the more chances that the other guy will win.

2)Net (something or other)
Anywho, there are different versions out there, but I found this one the best. It freezes the opponent for 2 turns, plus another turn for every 8 red points they have. Great to get in some good shots with the mines.

3)Take away everything gun.
This weapons takes all their points, green, yellow,red and shields and reduces it to zero. This is the best weapon in the game. Makes it go alot faster.

There are alot of variations to the common laser. But this one caused 16 points of damage plus 2 points for every 5 levels in your gunnery skill. So me, putting most of my points into the gunner skill, by the end, it was level 90. So I was doing 30 something damage every time I used the gun. It was my only offensive weapon in the end and it was all I needed.

5)Wasp Missiles
Use this while you are building up your gunnery skill. This causes 2 points of damage. Big whoop, but it gives you another point of damage for every yellow block in play. At times it can be really high. A great weapon to use untill you get your BIG GUN.

There are a few others that you can use. But find what works for you. Mostly my strategy was to keep them being defensive, by taking away their points, so they can't use any of their weapons and then taking away their turns so they can't refill their points all the while making it so they can't regenerate their Shields. The strategy worked great and come to the final boss, I beat him the second time around. Which is good.

I really enjoyed this game. Especially for me not being a puzzle person, this was really fun and entertaining. If you like puzzle games at all and enjoy the RPG every now and then. Then you this game.

Oh, also, know when the DS says, "don't turn off DS while saving". yeah, you shouldn't do that. I did it by accident, I had died a bunch of times and was sick of doing something over and over, so when the round ended, I switched off the game just has the "do not turn off" warning appeared. What happens? lose all your stuff. So I started it up again, my game was gone and the wife's game was gone. She wasn't happy, I only had level 14 to get back , while she had level 43. Sooooo, DON"T TURN OFF YOUR SYSTEM WHILE THE ITS SAVING!!


So even though I have the DS version, you can get his for almost any system, download it on the PSN, PC, probable even the Xbox store, I don't know. The graphics shown in the trailer are not the same ones on the DS. But I'm sure they are all the same great game.