Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ghostbusters DLC for Little Big Planet

I haven't played LBP in awhile but I still download all the free costumes when I catch them. But the latest set of DLC that you have to pay for it just plain wicked. Yes its $1.99 for one, or $5.99 for all 4. But really I just want the jumpsuit with the proton pack. They are all really cool, I think I will be playing this again sometime soon.


Loner Gamer said...

They were some really great ones like the Shadow of the Colossus pack but this kind of micro transaction makes me sick so I have not paid a single penny for any of them. They really should make all of costumes free and then just sell additional contents that really alter and enchance the game like the Metal Gear pack that turns the game into a run and gun shoot-'em-up Contra style - I really need to design a level already... Gotta get back to this game soon.

rowen26 said...


I really like the Stay Puft one.

BeatFreaker said...

I have to agree the Stay Puft one is the best. I also agree that they should be offering more enhanced packs like the Metal Gear Solid that gave you more than just a cosmetic change.

p.maestro said...

there's a marvel pack coming too now eh? wolverine, iron man, captain america. pretty cool