Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Getting Your Platinum Trophy on X-men Origins: Wolverine - PS3

I'll try and make this informative and concise, no long paragraphs to read, but also give you the most info I can to help you out.

Difficulty of getting the platinum trophy for this game, 5/10. Much harder trophies to get then these that for sure.
I'll give hints for the trophies that will probable give you the most trouble and the best possible route to getting it.

1) Maxing out all your Combat Reflexes. Samurai Silver Trophy

-This is the most tedious thing I've done in a video game in along while. So expect to spend alot of time doing this one.

-What will give you problems is raising the Robot and Machete combat. The easiest and fastest way to raise them are.
a)Robot - Go to Chpt 3 Days of Future Beginnings: Project Wideawake. Just beat the level, kill all the robots and repeat. yes, REPEAT. Its boring, but the fastest way to do this.
b)Machete Men- Go to Chapter 1 Origins: Unstoppable. Fight your way through till you get to on the boats and then restart level. This one is the longest one to raise up. VERY BORING!!!

2)Find all Dog Tags. Devil Brigade Silver Trophy

-Again, very boring looking for all these things. I tried getting them myself, but in the end, I had 85 out of 95. Going back and looking through everything again made me sick.

-Solution, wait until you play through on HARD mode and use a walkthrough guide to find them. Luckily they reappear when you start a new game on hard. So you can get them in order. This walkthrough should help, its the one I used.

3) Beating the Game on Hard. Walking Death Gold Trophy

-WARNING!!Before you start this trophy, make sure you have all the other trophies. The game resets your stats. So if you are trying to get 2000 kills, upgrade this, kill this many of that with this method. And you figure you will just continue this on hard and add to the total. NOPE!!, it resets them all to 0!!! The only one I recommend doing this for is finding all the dog tags.
It helps to get them in order with a walkthrough.

-Beating the game on hard. Its not hard, just more enemies and they take more hits. Just grind away, there's really nothing to this one.

4)Beating 4 Wendigos at Once. Ultimate Wolverine Bronze Trophy

-AT the end of Alkali Lake, there are 4 Wendigos in containers. Go and break all 4 of them out at once and kill them. It will take some timing, but can be done.

-Don't let the the Wendigos get killed by anything else except you. If they die because the helicopter shot one, or one died because another wendigo hit it, you will not get the trophy. So watch closely and make sure that the killing blow comes from you.

Those were the ones that gave me the most trouble.The rest you can get with minimal effort and are quite fun. It was these 4 that made it a grind. The wendigos kept killing each other, couldn't find the last 2 dog tags, and ranking up my combat reflexes were so frikken boring. Beating it on hard was a joke after everything else was done. I hope this helps some people.
Good trophy huntin!!


Ze Pequeno said...

On SURVIVOR, the Wendigos can kill each other, in fact, this is the best strategy... lure then to beat at each other, and when remain two, you deal with then.

The Heli could shot then too. I got this trophy last night and thats how I did it.

rabin said...

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Blake said...

well thank you Mr Rabin. I'm glad you "like"

Thanks for the platinum training solutions. I will use it for all my solutions that need platinuming!